quiet_seeds (quiet_seeds) wrote,

i. i,i,i.

there isn't any. this sluggish emptiness.

i went on a long car trip with my sister. we drove from california to north carolina, and i felt brain dead the whole time. i was on autopilot, and i wasn't the one driving. i don't drive. she drove the whole way. i just sat. perhaps the scenery was passing so quickly, it was all my mind could do to take in details.

i planned to write, record, document, reflect. i didn't, i just sat.

i really miss livejournal. i am so grateful to those who still post. i love it when you post. and i wonder, is there anyone else out there who posts in livejournal, like back in 2004, a personal poetic sharing that is not social media, that feels secret and private but is open to all eyes?
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