quiet_seeds (quiet_seeds) wrote,

i stepped outside the front door and walked down to the port, the area so close to my house, yet rarely explored. worth exploring. the familiar streets ended at a sign that said sidewalk ends, use other side. i disregarded these directions and picked my way through sand studded with trash and broken cement slabs, feathery fennel blowing against my legs. at the unguarded train tracks i crossed nervously and slipped under the freeway. i looked up at the slice of blue sky between two overpasses, and felt it all rushing down at me, but i didn't cry. i felt the feelings strongly and felt strong.

i walked through a lovely dried out july park, passed the boxy houseboats each with their own charm. i found a grassy place near some willow trees and drew unicorns until i had to pee, then i walked home.

at the vegetated median where the freeway entrance begins, a woman with bright red hair was walking two black and white dogs. they greeted me, and she apologized for their over-friendliness. we crossed the street together.
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