quiet_seeds (quiet_seeds) wrote,

as i was riding my bike home, through the autumn light, i thought about autumn light. i thought there was a film by bergman called autumn light (winter light), or a book (a light in august), when i googled i only got fall leaves. if there had not been crunchy leaves all under my wheels, would it have been an autumn light?

there was a three quarter moon, milky in the blue, just a few fists from the eastern horizon. blue eyes, a blue willow plate with a rabbit. a grecian urn.

i have a bad habit of aiming with my wheel for those perfect crunchy leaves, as i would when walking. the double crunch as it passes under both my wheels is so irresistible. it's out of my control, my eyes are wrenched from the task at hand of ensuring my safety, small risky swerves. i do this sometimes with other objects, all subconsciously. dangerous.
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